First Name : Mohammad Hasan
Last Name : Asemani
Date of Birth : 1984
Marrital Status : Married
Last Academic Degree : Ph.D
Date of Employment : 2013
Academic Rank : Associate Professor
Department : Power and Control Engineering
College : School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Address :
Phone :
Cell Phone :
Email : asemani@shirazu.ac.ir

Education Qualifications
Field: Electrical Engineering--Control
Tarbiat modares University (Iran)
Years: 2008 to 2012

Published Papers in Academic Journals
1- Rastegari A, Arefi M, Asemani M (2019) "Robust H ? sliding mode observer-based fault-tolerant control for One-sided Lipschitz nonlinear systems " Asian Journal of Control 21:114-129
2- Tavazoei M, Asemani M (2018) "Fractional-order-dependent global stability analysis and observer-based synthesis for a class of nonlinear fractional-order systems " International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 0:0-0
3- Tavazoei M, Asemani M (2018) "Robust Stability Analysis of Uncertain Linear Fractional-Order Systems with Time-Varying Uncertainty For 0 " Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control 0:0-0
4- Naseri A, Asemani M (2018) "Non-Fragile Robust Strictly Dissipative Control of Disturbed T–S Fuzzy Systems with Input Saturation " Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 0:0-0
5- Kardan M, Asemani M, Khayatian A, Vafamand N, Khooban M, Dragicvic T, Blaabjerg F (2018) "Improved Stabilization of Nonlinear DC Microgrids: Cubature Kalman Filter Approach " IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications :-
6- Asemani M, Vatankhah R (2017) "NON-PDC Observer-Based T-S Fuzzy Tracking Controller Design and its Application in CHAOS Control " Asian Journal of Control 19:969-982
7- Vafamand N, Asemani M, Khayatian A, Khooban M, Dragicvic T (2017) " TS Fuzzy Model-Based Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems Including Nonsmooth Functions " 0:1-12
8- Azarang A, Miri M, Kamaee S, Asemani M (2017) "Nonfragile Fuzzy Output Feedback Synchronization of a New Chaotic System: Design and Implementation " Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics 13:11008-0
9- Vafamand N, Asemani M, Khayatian A (2017) "Robust L1 Observer-based Non-PDC Controller Design for Persistent Bounded Disturbed TS Fuzzy Systems " IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 0:1-1
10- Vafamand N, Asemani M, Khayatian A (2017) "TS fuzzy robust L 1 control for nonlinear systems with persistent bounded disturbances " Journal of the Franklin Institute 354:5854-5876
11- Vatankhah R, Asemani M (2017) "Output feedback control of piezoelectrically actuated non-classical micro-beams using T-S fuzzy model " Journal of the Franklin Institute 354:1042-1065
12- Asemani M, Vatankhah R, Taghvaei S (2017) "A New Design Method for TS Fuzzy Static Output Feedback Control of the Glucose/Insulin Model with Time-Delay " Modares Journal of Electrical Engineering 16:20-26
13- Dadkhah Tehrani R, Shabaninia F, Khayatian A, Asemani M (2016) "Transient Performance Improvement in Indirect Model Reference Adaptive Control Using Perturbation-based Extremum Seeking Identifier " International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing :1-10
14- Azarang A, Kamaei bahmaei S, Miri M, Asemani M (2016) "A new fractional-order chaotic system and its synchronization via Lyapunov and improved Laplacian-based method " Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 127:11717-11731
15- Vafamand N, Asemani M, Khayatian A (2016) "A robust L1 controller design for continuous-time TS systems with persistent bounded disturbance and actuator saturation " Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 56:212-221
16- Asemani M, Vatankhah R (2016) "Tracking control of chaotic spinning disks via nonlinear dynamic output feedback with input constraints " Complexity 21:148-159
17- Kohansedgh P, Khayatian A, Asemani M (2016) "Conservatism Reduction in Simultaneous Output Feedback Stabilization of Linear Systems " IET Control Theory & Applications 10:2243-2250
18- Arefi M, Asemani M (2015) "Discussion: “Robust Stability and Stabilization of Fractional Order Systems Based on Uncertain Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Model With the Fractional Order 1 v 2” (Junmin, L., and Yuting, L., 2013), ASME J. Comput. Nonlinear D " Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics 10:025501 -025501
19- Asemani M, Johari Majd V (2015) "A Novel Descriptor Redundancy Approach for Non-Quadratic Robust Hinf Control of T-S Fuzzy Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed Systems " Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems 29:15-26
20- Asemani M, Johari Majd V (2015) "A Robust Hinf Non-PDC Design Scheme for Singularly-perturbed T-S Fuzzy Systems with Immeasurable State Variables " IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 23:525-541
21- Asemani M, Johari Majd V (2014) "A Robust Hinf Tracking Design for Uncertain T-S Fuzzy Systems with Unknown Premise Variables Using Descriptor Redundancy Approach " International Journal of Systems Science 46:2955-2972
22- Asemani M, Yazdanpanah M, Johari Majd V, Golabi A (2013) "Hinfinity Control of T-S Fuzzy Singularly Perturbed Systems Using Multiple Lyapunov Functions " Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 32:2243-2266
23- Asemani M, Johari Majd V (2012) "A robust Hinf observer-based controller design for uncertain ts fuzzy systemswith unknown premise variables via LMI " Fuzzy Sets and Systems 212:21-40
24- Asemani M, Johari Majd V (1391) "A Non-PDC Hinf Output Feedback Controller Design for T-S Fuzzy Systems with Unknown Premise Variables and Control Constraints via LMI " مجله کنترل 6:51-60

Papers and Abstracts in Conference Proceedings
1-Mohammadi M, Asemani M, Arefi M "Dynamic Observer-based Controller Design for Polytopic LPV Systems " 2017 5th International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, and Automation (ICCIA) (2017)
2-Abbasghorbani M, Asemani M "Induced L2-norm observer-based controller design for continuous-time polytopic LPV systems " 2017 5th International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, and Automation (ICCIA) (2017)
3-Sato M, Abbasghorbani M, Asemani M "Continuous-Time Observer-Based Gain-Scheduled Output Feedback Controller Design with Simultaneous Optimization of Scaling Matrices " 2017 IEEE 56th Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) (2017)
4-Mobayen S, Asemani M, Johari Majd V "Transient Performance Improvement Using Composite Nonlinear Feedback and Integral Sliding Surface for Matched and Unmatched Uncertain MIMO Linear Systems " سومين کنفرانس بين المللي کنترل، ابزار دقيق و اتوماسيون (ICCIA 2013) (2014)
5-Mobayen S, J. Majd V, Asemani M "Robust Tracker Design Using Composite Nonlinear Feedback for Uncertain Dynamical Systems " Electrical Engineering (ICEE), 2012 20th Iranian Conference on (2012)
6-Asemani M, J. Majd V, Mobayen S "Robust H? observer-based control of uncertain T-S fuzzy systems with control constraints " Electrical Engineering (ICEE), 2012 20th Iranian Conference on (2012)
7-Mobayen S, J. Majd V, Asemani M "Selection of Nonlinear Function in Integral Sliding Mode-Based Composite Nonlinear Feedback Method for Transient Improvement of Uncertain Linear Systems " Control, Instrumentation and Automation (ICCIA), 2011 2nd International Conference on (2011)
8-Asemani M, J. Majd V, Mobayen S "A Multiple Lyapunov Function Approach for Robust H? Observer-based Tracking Control of Uncertain TS Fuzzy Systems " Control, Instrumentation and Automation (ICCIA), 2011 2nd International Conference on (2011)
9-Asemani M, J. Majd V "A New Dynamic Output Feedback Controller Design for T-S Fuzzy Systems via LMI " 16th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE) (2008)
10-ZibaeeNejad M, Asemani M, J. Majd V "An Improved Off-Line Approach for Output Feedback Robust Model Predictive Control " Proceedings of the 17th IFAC World Congress (2008)
11-Asemani M, ZibaeeNejad M, J. Majd V "A LMI-Based Design of Dynamic Output Feedback Controller for TS Fuzzy Systems " Proceedings of the 17th IFAC World Congress (2008)
12-Naseri A, Asemani M, Khayatian A "Non-PDC Strictly Dissipative Controller Design for T-S Fuzzy Systems subject to Input Saturation " 25th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE2017) (1396)
13-Naseri A, Asemani M "Unknown Premise Variables Observer-Based Controller Design for T-S Fuzzy Systems with Input Saturation " 2016 24th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE) (1395)
14-Miri M, Asemani M "Design and Circuit Implementation of Synchronizing Nonlinear Controller for Unified Chaotic System: A T-S Fuzzy Model Approach " بيست و چهارمين کنفرانس مهندسي برق ايران (1395)
15-Asemani M, Miri M "A Linear Controller for Synchronization of the Unified Chaotic System Using T-S Model: Design and Analog Circuit Implementation " هفتمين کنفرانس مهندسي برق و الکترونيک ايران (1394)

Courses Taught
Linear Systems and control lab
Digital Control and lab
Lab.of Linear Control Systems
Lab. Of Measurment and Circuit I
Foundations of Modern Control and Digital Control
Digital Control Systems
Computer Applications in Control
Electrical Workshop
Electric Circuits II
Measurement & Circuits Lab
Linear Control Systems Lab
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I
Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Software Laboratory
Robust Control
special topics in control(advaced nonlinear control)
Numerical Analysis
Linear Control System
Lab. of Linear Control System
Computer Application in Control

Graduate Thesis Advisor (37)
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Narges Homeily Nezhad Dezfuly A new high order sliding mode controller design for blood glucose level control of Type I diabetes mellitus
Ali Karami ghanavati Observer-based Consensus controller design for multi-agent linear parameter varying systems
Razieh Tazan Robust stabilization of nonlinear slowly varying system
Ali Behradkia Non-fragile controller design for polynomial systems using sum of squares method
Zeinab Ebrahimi control of nonlinear systems using fuzzy wavelet neural networks
Abbas Rastegari Sliding mode Observer design for one-sided lipschitz nonlinear systems
Mohammad amin Kardan Improved Initial Alignment using Linear and Nonlinear Filters
Mehdi Mohammadi Dynamic Observer-based Controller design for continues-time LPV systems
Mohammad Tavazoei Controller design for a class of nonlinear fractional-order systems
Motahare Abbasghorbani Observer-based Controller design for continuous-time LPV systems with inexact scheduling parameters
Afrooz Naseri Novel methods for Designing T-S Fuzzy Control Systems Constrained to input saturation
ARMAN KHERADMAND Observer-based Aperiodic Sampled-data Controller Design for Linear Parameter Varying Systems
Fatemeh Otoofi LPV controller design for microgrids including PV panels, wind turbine and battery
Soroush Azizi Controller design based on LPV model of boost converter connected to the solar panel
Mohammad Sabouri Modelling and controller design for nonholonomic mobile robots with quasi-LPV techniques
Special Seminar
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Hamid Hamidi ghalati Investigation and comparison of lateral control methods for autonomous vehicles
Mojtaba Bakhshian Investigation and comparison of Intelligent Methods Used in Induction Motors Drive
Feridon Nasiri piezoelectric applications in medical systems
Forough Ghaffarizadeh Energy Consumption Optimization Methods in Fuzzy Logic Building
Iman Soozangar Investigation and Comparison of intelligent Methods for Optimization of Super heater Steam Temperature (SST) Control in boilers
Reza Poursoltani Evaluation of volumetric flow meters with focus on orifice and magnetic systems to provide the solution for optimal selection
Mostafa Mahmoodian Evaluation and compare of advanced control methods used in generator excitation systems
Sadegh Monghasem Investigation of Measurements methods of Multiphase Flow based on Electrical Tomography
Mohammad Foad Farsiany Comparison of intelligent methods for control of a satellite in orbit
Ghorbanali Panahidoost Investigation and comparison of Intelligent control methods for industrial waste water PH control
Abdolazim Hasseli Vacuum Measurement Methods
Hamid Reza Monjazeb Study of Vortex Flowmeter and methods for removing noise effects
Shahram Honarvar Analysis and comparison of tool path generation methods for CNC machine
Mohammad Ghafoori Evaluation of technologies Types used in the intelligent PIG for corrosion detecting in oil and gas transmission pipelines
Tohid Yeganeh Application of Polynomial Fuzzy Model in Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Systems
Seydali Qorashi Review on Causes of Fault Occurrence and Erosion in Control Valves and Methods for Dealing with Them
Manijeh sadat Badri Application of Wireless Sensor Networks for Gas Pipeline Leakage Monitoring
Naghmeh Arzhangi Control methodologies used in upper-extremity exoskeleton robots (rehabilitation robots and power-assist robots)
Mojtaba Pourbaghban Investigation and design of a neural controller for blowers at the Sulfur Recovery Unit of the Gas Refinery
Rooholah Noori
Graduate Thesis Consultor (27)
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Navid Vafamand Nonlinear Reset Control of Polytopic-LPV Systems: A Numerical Convex Optimization Approach
Peyman Kohansedgh Conservatism Reduction in Simultaneous Stabilization Problem
Reza Dadkhah Tehrani Adaptive Control Based on Extremum Seeking with its Applications in Smart Grids
GHORBANI SAEID Development of event triggered model predicitve control for networked control systems
Sepide Yazdi Reset Control of Uncertain Systems: a Robust Control Approach
Hamidreza Javanmardi Reformulating Bilinear Matrix Inequality problems as convex problem and their application in controller design
Roozbeh Abolpour Robust Output and State Feedback Controller Design for Uncertain Polytopic Models Using Direct Method
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
عرفان مسلمي زاده Distributed State Estimation for a Microgrid
Mohammadhossein Ansarizadeh Statistical Process Monitoring with Improved PCA Algorithms
زهرا گرجي Simplification and implementation of the advanced fault-detection and monitoring algorithms on PLC
Zahra Zahedi Nash Equilibrium Seeking without steady-state Oscillation
Samira Asadi shekafti Reconstruction of Actuator and Sensor Faults in TS Fuzzy Systems Using Sliding Mode Observer and Non-Quadratic Stability Analysis
Sepideh Radhoush Distribution Grid state Estimation from Compressed Measurement
Asieh Mandegari Design and simulation of security multi-robot motion controller using fuzzy logic
Mohammad Hossein Farrokhi Multivariable Control Loop Performance Assessment in MEG Regeneration Unit Using Data-Driven Methods
Mohammad Mokhtari Pour Intelligent Control of Temperature in an Ethanol Production Bioreactor Using Evolutionary Algorithm Based Optimal Neuro-fuzzy Networks
Sajjad Ghorbani kalkhajeh Application of Linear Matrix Inequality in Stability of Time-Delayed System
Saeed Zaare Modeling Transmission Lines Using Fractional Order Calculus
Mohammad Zahed abualhasani Design Robust H-inf Controller for Chemical Bioreactors based on Fractional Order Systems and Controllers
Davood Sepehrikian Fuzzy Control of Debutanizer Process in Gas Refineries
Mohammad ali Mohammadi The Evaluation of VGO Hydrocracking Unit Process Variables Using Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Observer to Optimize the Process Control Performance
Milad Andalibi Robust Multi-task Deep Reinforcement Learning
Ali Hosseinzadeh Design and Implementation of an Efficient Measurement Algorithm for Fluxgate Magnetometer Sensor
Karim Bahmani Provide a solution to improve the adjustment of the PID coefficients of the control loops in the DCS CENTUM CS۳۰۰۰ control system
Hosein Ahmadian pour ranjbar L۱ Adaptive Control for an uncertain dynamic system in the presence of time delay
Zeinab Shayan Cell counting and cell separation with optical head and concepts of Flow-cytometry
محمد فتاحي راويز Sliding mode observer-based controller design with immeasurable premise variables for continuous-time nonlinear systems