First Name : D.
Last Name : Khalili
Date of Birth : 1980
Marrital Status : Married
Last Academic Degree : PhD
Date of Employment : 2013
Academic Rank : Assistant Professor
Department : Chemistry
College : College of Sciences
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Email : khalili@shirazu.ac.ir

Published Papers in Academic Journals
1- Khalili D, Banazadeh A, Etemadi davan E (2017) "Palladium Stabilized by Amino-Vinyl Silica Functionalized Magnetic Carbon Nanotube: Application in Suzuki–Miyaura and Heck–Mizoroki Coupling Reactions " Catalysis Letters 147:2674-2687
2- Khalili D, Etemadi davan E, Banazadeh A (2017) "2-Arylation/alkylation of benzothiazoles using superparamagneticgraphene oxide-Fe3 O4 hybrid material as a heterogeneous catalystwith diisopropyl azodicarboxylate (DIAD) as an oxidant " Applied Organometallic Chemistry :-
3- Boostani H, Hardie A, Najafi-Ghiri M, Khalili D (2017) "Investigation of Cadmium Immobilization in a Contaminated Calcareous Soil as Influenced by Biochars and Natural Zeolite Application " International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology :-
4- Etemadi davan E, Iranpoor N, Khalili D (2016) "Pd-Catalyzed Reductive Carbonylation-Ring Closure of Aryl Halides: A Direct Approach for Synthesis of Benzimidazoles " Chemistry Select 1:4418-4422
5- Khalili D (2016) "Graphene oxide: a reusable and metal-free carbocatalyst for the one-pot synthesis of 2-amino-3-cyanopyridines in water " Tetrahedron Letters 57:1721-1723
6- Khalili D (2016) "Graphene oxide: a promising carbocatalyst for the regioselective thiocyanation of aromatic amines, phenols, anisols and enolizable ketones by hydrogen peroxide/KSCN in water " New Journal of Chemistry 40:2547-2553
7- Abbasi M, Khalili D (2016) "Basic Al2O3 promotes one?pot synthesis of thioethers via in situ generation and addition of ??acyloxy mercaptans to electron?deficient alkenes " Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 13:653-658
8- Khalili D, Banazadeh A (2015) "Graphene Oxide as a Heterogeneous Reagent Promoted Synthesis of 2-Substituted 1,3-Benzazoles in Water " Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 88:1693-1706
9- Khalili D, Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H (2015) "4,4?-Azopyridine as an easily prepared and recyclable oxidant for synthesis of symmetrical disulfides from thiols or alkyl halides(tosylates)/ thiourea " Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 36:544-555
10- Khalili D (2015) "Graphene Oxide-Assisted One-Pot and Odorless Synthesis of Symmetrical Disulfides Using Primary and Secondary Alkyl Halides (Tosylates) and Thiourea as Sulfur Source Reagent " Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 190:1727-1734
11- Nowrouzi N, Khalili D, Irajzadeh M (2015) "One-pot synthesis of 1,2,4-oxadiazoles from carboxylic acids using " Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 12:801-806
12- Abbasi M, Khalili D (2015) "Direct synthesis of disulfides from alkyl halides using thiourea and CCl4 in glycerol " Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 12:1425-1430
13- Khalili D (2015) "Highly efficient and regioselective thiocyanation of aromatic amines, anisols and activated phenols with H2O2/NH4SCN catalyzed by nanomagnetic Fe3O4 " Chinese Chemical Letters 26:547-552
14- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, Khalili D (2013) "• Heteroaromatic azo compounds as efficient and recyclable reagents for direct conversion of aliphatic alcohols into symmetrical disulfides " Tetrahedron Letters 53 (51:6913-6915
15- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, Shahin R, Khalili D (2012) "2,2´-Azobenzothiazole as a New Recyclable Oxidant For Heterogeneous Thiocyanation of Aromatic Compounds with Ammonium Thiocyanate " Synthetic Communications 42:2040-2047
16- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, Khalili D (2011) "The First Mitsunobu Protocol for Efficient Synthesis of ?-Acyloxyphosphonates Using 4,4´-Azopyridine " Phosphorus Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements 186:2166-2171
17- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, Khalili D (2010) "New Heteroaromatic Azo Compounds Based on Pyridine, Isoxazole and Benzothiazole for Efficient and Highly Selective Amidation and Mono-N-Benzylation of Amines under Mitsunobu Conditions " Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 83:923-934
18- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, Khalili D, Shahin R (2010) "Application for Diethyl azodicarboxylate: Efficient and Regioselective Thiocyanation of Aromatics Amines " tetrahedron Letters 51:3508-3510
19- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, Khalili D (2010) "5,5?-Dimethyl-3,3?-azoisoxazole As A New Heterogeneous azo Reagent For Esterification of Phenols and Selective Esterification of Benzylic Alcohols Under Mitsunobu Condition " Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 8:4436-4443
20- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, نوروزي , Khalili D (2009) "Selective mono- and di-N-alkylation of Aromatic Amines With Alcohols and Acylation of Aromatic Amines Using Ph3P/DDQ " Tetrahedron 65:3893-3899
21- Iranpoor N, Firozabadi H, Khalili D, Motevalli S (2008) "Easily Prepared Azopyridines as Potent and Recyclable Reagents for Facile Esterification Reactions. An Efficient Modified Mitsunobu Reaction " The Journal of Organic Chemistry 73:4882-4887
22- Jarrahpour A, Khalili D (2007) "Synthesis, Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral Activity Evaluation of Some New Schiff Bases of Isatin and Their Derivatives " Molecules 12:1720-1730
23- Jarrahpour A, Khalili D (2007) "Synthesis of some mono- and bis-spiro-b-lactams of benzylisatin " Tetrahedron Lett 48:7140-7143
24- Jarrahpour A, Khalili D (2006) "Synthesis of Some New bis-Schiff Bases of Isatin and 5-Fluoroisatin in a Water Suspension Medium " Molecule 11:59-63

Papers and Abstracts in Conference Proceedings
1-Khalili D "Revealing the dual role of graphene oxide as an acid catalyst and oxidant in the synthesis of banzazoles in water: an environmentally friendly method " 12 th edition of the international congress of young chemists (2014)
2-Khalili D "Sequential oxidation and condensation of alcohols to benzazoles by graphene oxide as a " 5th International Congress on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (ICNN2014), (2014)
3-Khalili D "H2O2/nano-Fe3O4 as a new and efficient reagent system for heterogeneous and " 20th iranian seminar of organic chemistry (2013)
4-Lavian S, Khalili D "Graphene oxide (GO) catalyzed Aza Michael Addition of Amines to Chalcones Through in situ Generation of Michael Acceptors " نوزدهمين کنگره شيمي ايران (1395)
5-Roosta M, Khalili D, Khalafi-Nezhad A "CUSO4 Catalyzed One-Pot Approach for the Synthesis of 2-Aryl Benzothiazoles via an Oxidative Condensation of Benzothiazoles and Toluene Derivatives Using K2S2O8 " نوزدهمين کنگره شيمي ايران (1395)

Courses Taught
General Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry2
Organic Chemistry3
Organic Chemistry Lab1
Organic Chemistry Lab2
Separation and Identification of Organic Compound Lab
Literature Review of Chemical Sources
Organic Synthesis
Organic Chemistry Principle
Biological Organic Chemistry1for Biology
Biological Organic Chemistry2for Biology
Basic General Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Heterocyclic Chemistry

Graduate Thesis Advisor (4)
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Graduate Thesis Advisor (14)
ميثم رضايي High performance porous graphitic carbon nitride (g-C۳N۴) supported on magnetic CuFe۲O۴ as a heterogeneous nanocatalyst for synthesis of N-containing heterocycles, propargylamines and C-O bond formation
Salimeh Lavian Graphene oxide (GO) as a nano heterogeneous and metal- free carbocatalyst foraza- Michael addition and synthesis of ۲,۴,۵- tri substituted imidazoles
Marzieh Roosta Preparation of mesoporous (Cu-Zn)O and r-Go-Fe۳O۴-CuO nanocatalysts and their applications in C-H activation reaction and synthesis of some heterocycles
Leila Kavoosi Ghafi Magnetic g-C۳N۴/NiFe۲O۴ hybride with enhanced catalytic activity for coupling reactions
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Fattah Mohammadi Fe۳O۴@SiO۲-dendrimer-encapsulated Cu(II) complex and PAV@Cu(II) Schiff-base complex as two hetregeneous nanocatalysts in synthesis of ۲-substituted benzimidazoles and ۱,۴-disubstituted triazoles in water as a green solvent under mild conditions
زهرا ليراوي Synthesis of Some Novel Quinoline and Chalcone ?-Lactam Conjugates
Hossein Sheikh Synthesis and characterization of Reduce Graphene Oxide-ZnS as visible-light photocatalyst in Organic reaction
Maryam Sasanipor Synthesis of some novel monocyclic ?-lactams bearing morpholine-quinoline, alkyne and esteric groups
Fattaneh Jafari Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of TiO۲/Cu۲O Nanoparticles in Some Organic reactions.
Zahra Amini harandi Synthesis, characterization and application of thermo-responsive poly ionic liquid-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PIL–PNIPAM) block copolymers via reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization method
Milad Zangiabadi Application of a palladium schiff base complex supported on Fe۳O۴@SiO۲ nanoparticles as a superparamagnetic and reusable nanocatalyst in arylation of carbamates and aminoclay@picolinic acid/Cu(II) complex as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of ۱- and ۵- substituted ۱H- tetrazoles
Sedigheh Azadi Applications of Metal Schiff Base Complexes Supported on Fe۳O۴@SiO۲ Nanoparticles in the Synthesis of Different Types of Organic Compounds
Marziyeh Bahmani Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Benzylation of Aldehydes with Benzyl halides and Pseudohalides
Fateme Roozbin Part A: A new and efficient triazine-functionalized PN ligand for C-C and C-heteroatom bond formation reactions. Part B: Introduction of TCT/DMF as a new and efficient aromatic ring formylating agent
Farzaneh Foroghinik Synthesis of Some Novel Naphthalimide ?-lactam Conjugates and the Investigation of Their Biological Activities
Abdollah Masoudi Visible-light Photocalytic Activity Of N-doped Zinc Oxide
Ahmad Sayaf Synthesis of some novel mono and bis ?-lactams bearing ether linkages with different spacers and the investigation of their biological activities
Abolfazl Mozaffari Part A: Synthesis of new cis monocyclic ?-lactams bearing a sugar moiety Part B: The Amadori rearrangement on ?-lactams