First Name : Hashem
Last Name : Sharghi
Date of Birth : 1949
Marrital Status : Married
Last Academic Degree : Ph.D
Date of Employment : 1988
Academic Rank : Professor
Department : Chemistry
College : College of Sciences
Address :
Phone :
Cell Phone :
Email : shashem@chem.susc.ac.ir

Published Papers in Academic Journals
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3- Sharghi H, Shiri P, عابري (2017) "Five-membered N-Heterocycles Synthesis Catalyzed by Nano-silica Supported Copper(II)–2-imino-1,2-diphenylethan-1-ol Complex " Catalysis Letters 147:2844-2862
4- Sharghi H, Aberi M, Khataminejad M, Shiri P (2017) "Solvent-free and room temperature synthesis of 3-arylquinolines from different anilines and styrene oxide in the presence of Al2O3/MeSO3H " Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 13:1977-1981
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12- نيکنام , Sharghi H, خاتمي نژاد (2016) "Synthesis of 2,3,4,5?tetrasubstituted pyrroles and 1,4?dihydro?tetraarylpyrazines using acidic alumina as a heterogeneous catalyst " Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 13:1953-1961
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14- Sharghi H, Khoshnood A, Doroodmand M, Khalifeh R (2016) "Rapid, Eco-friendly, and One-pot Synthesis of New Lariat Ethers Based on Anthraquinone by Using ZnO Nanoparticles via “Mannich” Reaction under Solvent-free Condition " J. Heterocyclic Chem. 53:164-174
15- Khalafi-Nezhad A, Shekouhy M, Sharghi H, Aboonajmi J, زارع (2016) "A new more atom-efficient multi-component approach to tetrasubstituted imidazoles: One-pot condensation of nitriles, amines and benzoin " RSC Advances 6:67281-67289
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17- شمسي پور , صادقي , Beyzavi M, Sharghi H (2015) "Development of a novel fluorimetric bulk optode membrane based on meso-tetrakis(2-hydroxynaphthyl) porphyrin (MTHNP) for highly sensitive and selective monitoring of trace amounts of Hg2+ ions " Materials Science and Engineering C 48:424-433
18- Sharghi H, Shiri P (2015) "2-Phenyl-2-(4-phenyl-1H-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl)ethanol as an Efficient and Versatile Auxiliary Ligand in Copper(II)-Catalyzed Buchwald–Hartwig and Sharpless–Meldal C–N Bond-Forming Reactions " Synthesis 47:1131-1146
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Papers and Abstracts in Conference Proceedings
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Application of Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry
Organic Physical Chemistry
Organic Synthesis
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Organic Chemistry Principle
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Graduate Thesis Advisor (30)
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Graduate Thesis Advisor (59)
Pezhman Shiri Synthesis of Homogenous, Heterogeneous and Nano Heterogeneous Copper and Palladium Based Catalysis and Their applications in Organic Reactions
Mahdi Aberi Applications of Immobilized Salen Complexes onto Inorganic Solids, Cu۲O Nanoparticles, CuFe۲O۴ Magnetic Nanoparticles and Al۲O۳ Nanoparticles/MeSO۳H as New Heterogeneous, Efficient and Reusable Nanocatalysts in Organic Reactions
Abbas Khoshnood Synthesis and Characterization of Metalloanthraquinone Complexes supported onto Solid beds as a Novel Heterogeneous Nano Particles and Their Applications in Organic Reactions
Sakineh Ebrahimpourmoghaddam Metal Complexes of ۴?-Substituted-۲,۲?:۶?,۲??-terpyridines Immobilized onto Nano Solid Supports as New Heterogeneous and Highly Efficient Catalysts in Organic Reactions
Mahboubeh Jokar Synthesis of Some Unique Fluoroionphores Consisting of Coumaryl-Aza-Crown Ethers and Investigation of Their Fluorescent Emission Spectra
Reza Khalifeh Applications of CaO, Graphite and Copper Nanoparticles on Charcoal as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Synthesis of New Azacrown Ethers via Mannich and Huisgen Reactions
Synthesis of Some Novel Thioxanthone Azacrown Ethers and Their Used as New Catalysts in Organic Synthesis
Synthesis, Characterization, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Metal Schiff Base Complexes with Donors in Organic Solvents.
Applications of Solvent-Free Technique in Direct Conversion of Carboxylic Acids to Amides, Michael Addition of Amides and Nucleobases with ?,?-Unsaturated Esters and N-Substitution of Nucleobases
Applications of Different Chemometrics Methods in Analysis of Spectrophotometric Data and in Predicting of Some Physicochemical Properties of Organic Compounds
Jasem Aboonajmi Inorganic Solids Immobilized Metalloporphyrins and Iron-doped Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) as Efficient, Green and Reusable Heterogeneous Nanocatalysts in Organic Reactions
Faeze Razavi Synthesis of Metallocoumarin Complexes as Efficient and Reusable Heterogeneous Catalysts and Their Applications in Organic Reactions
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Mohsen Shekouhy Polyethylene Glycol-Bonded ۱,۸-Diazabicyclo[۵.۴.۰]undec-۷-ene (PEG-DBU) and Nano-Sized Cu/Zn-Modified MCM-۴۱ as New Catalysts for the Synthesis of Nucleosides, Tetrasubstituted Imidazoles and ۲,۶-Diamino Triazines-Based Compounds and the Evaluation of Their Biological Activities
Maryam Nourisefat Synthesis of Some New Biological active Pyrimidine-fused Heterocycles and also Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Applications of Two Novel Magnetic Nano-organocatalysts Based on Amino Acids in Multicomponent Reactions
Masoomeh Divar Synthesis of Some Novel Potentioal Biologically Active Compounds Using Multicomponent Reaction Catalyzed By Reusable Nanomagnetic Solid Acid and Tangsto Phosphoric Acid
Fatemeh Moeini Synthesis and Applications of Mixed Nano Copper/Zinc Oxides as New Catalyst in Organic Synthesis
Farhad Panahi Part A: Preparation and characterization of two novel heterogeneous Palladium nano-catalysts for application in C-C bond formation reactions in water.Part B: Synthesis of a new nano-magnetic recyclable phosphorous ligand and its application in Palladium and Ruthenium catalyzed reactions.Part C: Synthesis of some new pyrimidine-fused heterocycles using multicomponent approaches
Somayeh Mohammadi َApplications of some newly-synthesized unsupported and supported ionic liquids in organic reactions
Saghar Molazadeh haghighi Synthesis of Some Novel Biologically Active Heterocyclic Compounds :Coumarins , Quinazolinones and Quinoline
Habib ollah Foroughi Bahreghani
Rahele Bargebid
Mohammad Gholinejad : Using Palladium, Copper, Iron Nano Particles at Different Carbon-Carbon and Carbon Hetero Atom Bond Formation Reactions
Synthesis of Some Aryloxyalkyl Imidazoles and Benzimidazoles and Investigation of Their Biological activity
Somayeh Behrouz Part A: Application of N-(p-Toluenesulfonyl) Imidazole (TsIm) and Triphenylphosphine/Carbon tetrachloride in Several Organic Transformations
Soheila Ghassamipoor Applications of dodecylphosphonic acid, dodecylsulfamic acid and magnesium dodecylphosphonate in synthesis of the different types of organic compounds
Arash Siroueinejad Construction and Evaluation of Modified Electrodes and Their Application For Electrocatalytic Studies and Investigation of Synthesized Magnetite Nanoparticles For Corrosion Evaluation
Abolfath Parhami : Application of Tosyl Chloride as a Coupling Reagent in the Synthesis of Some Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Anahita Izadyar Carbon composite coated wire electrode for detection of Silver, Chromium and Lead. Study and Completely analysis of Shiraz Petroleum refinery wastewater
New Methods for the Synthesis of Diethyl -Functionalized Phosphonates from Diethyl -Hydroxyphosphonates
Ring Opening of Epoxides Using Polymer Supported Nucleophiles
Zahra Bazyar Noble metals (Pd, Au, Pt) doped ZnO nanocatalysts: Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic applications under visible light irradiation
Esmaeil Niknam asl Preparation and Characterization of Novel Metal Organic Framework- based Catalyst and Its Catalytic Application in Organic Transformation
Mehdi Koohgard Visible light active photocatalysis: Dye-sensitized, metal doped, black and colored nano TiO۲
Soheila Khajeh dangolani Preparation, Characterization and Application ۴-N,N-Dialkylaminopyridine Magnetic Nanoparticles (DAAPNPs) As an Efficient and Reusable Catalyst in Acylation and Multicomponent Reactions
Maryam Alborz Part A: Synthesis of some new benzothiazole beta-lactam nanocopolymer conjugates Part B: Synthesis of phthalazine and imidazol functionalized beta-lactam nanocopolymer conjugates using MCRs Part C: Biological evaluation of the synthesized beta-lactams
Hassan Eslahi Preparation, Characterization and Applications of Transition Metal-Based Complexes Supported on Fe۳O۴@SiO۲ Nanoparticles as Separable, Reusable, and Superparamagnetic Nanocatalyst in the Synthesis of Various Types of Organic Compounds
Saeede Sepehri Synthesis of Copper(II) Complex of N۲, N۶-Bis(۲- hydroxyphenyl)pyridine-۲,۶-dicarboxamide as a Heterogeneous and Reusable Catalyst in Organic Reactions
Iman Ghaderi Synthesis, Characterization and Application of ۱,۴-Dihydroxyanthraquinone-Copper(II) Nanoparticles Immobilized on Aluminium Phosphate [AQ۲Cu(II)-EDA-AlPO۴] as a New Heterogeneous, Efficient and Reusable Nanocatalyst in Organic Reactions
Nasrin Aeinjamshid Synthesis of Copper(II)-۲-ethyliminomethyl phenol Complex Supported on Activated Carbon, Immobilization of Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid onto Amino Functionalized Carbon and Fe۳O۴-MWCNT as New and Efficient Catalysts and their Applications in Organic Reactions
Mozhdeh Mozaffari Applications of iron-doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes as a reusable heterogeneous nanocatalyst for synthesis of some heterocyclic compounds
Pezhman Shiri Copper Complex of ۷, ۸-dihydroxy-۴-methylcoumarin As Homogenous and Highly Efficient Catalyst In organic reactions
Zahra Rashidi jahan abad Metal complexes of N,N-bis (۲- hydroxy phenyl ) pyridine-۲,۶- dicarboxamide as Heterogeneous, reuseable and Highly Efficient catalysts in organic synthesis
Fatemeh Moeini Synthesis of Pyridine-۲,۶-dicarboxamide Derivatives and Their Complexes as New Catalyst in Organic Synthesis
Mohammad Hassan Beyzavi Synthesis of Metalloporphyrins and their Immobilization onto Activated Carbon Nanotubes and Silica as New Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Synthesis of Biologically Interesting Compounds and Click Chemistry
Mahdi Aberi Synthesis of Metallosalens and Their Immobilizations onto Activated Carbon as New Nanoparticle Heterogeneous Catalysts in Organic Reactions
Synthesis of New Naphthalene Aza-Crown Derivatives
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Hossein Sheikh Synthesis and characterization of Reduce Graphene Oxide-ZnS as visible-light photocatalyst in Organic reaction
Maryam Tokhani Synthesis of a new magnetic reusable heterogeneous palladium nanocatalyst and its application in C-C coupling reactions
Fatemeh Haghighi N-Fluoroalkylation of anilines using cyanurate activated fluoroalcohols & Immobilized iridium nanoparticles on a triazine-phosphenimidousamide porous organic polymer for catalytic reduction of aldehydes with formic acid
Maryam Sasanipor Synthesis of some novel monocyclic ?-lactams bearing morpholine-quinoline, alkyne and esteric groups
Salimeh Lavian Graphene oxide (GO) as a nano heterogeneous and metal- free carbocatalyst foraza- Michael addition and synthesis of ۲,۴,۵- tri substituted imidazoles
Fatemeh Daneshgar Synthesis of Some New Benzoazole Derivatives Incorporating Theophylline, Adenine and Cholesterol Moieties
Sina Owji Electro-synthesized Conjugated Salen Polymer as a Hydrochromic Reflective Filter for Humidity Detection and Constructing a New Nanowire as an Electrical Supercapacitor
Pegah Mardaneh Application of Magnetic Fe۳O۴@Chitosan as a Recyclable Nanocatalyst for the Synthesis of Oxygen Containing Spiro Heterocyclic Compounds by Multicomponent Reactions
FOROOGH BAHRAMI synthesis of new ?- aminophosphonate derivatives incorporating benzimidazole, theophylline and adenine nucleobases using L-cysteine functionalized magnetic nanoparticles (LCMNP) as magnetic reusable catalyst : evaluation of their anticancer properties and catalytic application of novel magnetic nano organocatalysts based on amino acids in multicomponent reactions.
Leila Azarbarzin Synthesis of some new monocyclic beta-lactam-carbazole and beta-lactam-benzaldehyde hybrids
Mohsen Talebi New Applications of Carboxylate-Based Ionic Liquids as Ligand, Media and Reducing Agent for Pd(۰) Catalyzed Phosphorylation and Aminocarbonylation of Aryl Halides
Pouria Shirvani synthesis of some novel polyacrylate nanoparticles of ۲-azetidinones and the investigation of their biological activities
Mehdi Mohammadi chermahini emulsion polymerization of special acryl amides leading to nano-beta-lactames and the investigation of their biological activities
Samira Sarikhani Synthesis of some new class of pyrimidine-based hetrocycles using multicomponent approaches
Elham Sheikhi shahidzadeh One-pot synthesis of quinoline and spirooxindole derivatives using L-Proline and silica-supported L-proline as catalyst
Seid Ali Torabi Badrabady momocyclic b-lactam-bound polacrylate nonoparticles
Zahra Mardaneh New Application of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) as an Efficient Catalyst in Synthesis of Organic Compound
Zeinab Faghih Synthesis of some novel hetero alkyl oxime derivatives as potential chemotherapeutic agent
SAFOURA FATHI Synthesis of some new monocyclic ?-lactams bearing a sugar moiety.
Mahdieh Yazdani Application of chemometrics methods in studying the effects of solute structures on the electrochemistry of steroids and electronic absorption spectra of substituted schiff bases
The effect of nano ZnO in organic reactions
Synthesis of some new polyaromatic and cyclohexyl monocyclic ?-lactams and the investigation of their biological activities
Application of a New Laboratory-Synthesized Polymeric-based Sorbent for Extraction of Silver and Copper Ions from Aqueous Solutions
Synthesis of new monocyclic ?-lactams based on sugar moiety and their biological activity
Synthesis of new mono and bis spiro ?-lactams
Zahra Rahiminezhad Synthesis of New Phloroglucides and Their Indole Analogues as New Potent Biological Active Compounds Under Heterogeneous Conditions
Tetrabutylammonium L-Prolinate (TBALP): A New Biodegradable Amino Acid-Based Ionic Liquid Catalyst for Multi-Component Synthesis of Some Potentially Biological Active Heterocycles And Preparation, Characterization and Application of A New Functionalized Magnetic Mesoporous Nano-Silicate As A Highly Efficient and Reusable Nano-Catalyst In The Organic Synthesis
Masoumeh Eskandari Synthesis of some new monocyclic ?-lactams bearing the biologically active morpholino moiety and the evaluation of their biological activities