First Name : jalil
Last Name : Moghadasi
Date of Birth : 1950
Marrital Status : Married
Last Academic Degree : Ph.D
Date of Employment : 1978
Academic Rank : Professor
Department : Chemistry
College : College of Sciences
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Email : moghadasi@susc.ac.ir

Published Papers in Academic Journals
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Papers and Abstracts in Conference Proceedings
1-Moghadasi J "Modeling Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Using Modified van der Waals Family Equations of States " 15th Iranian Physical Chemistry Conference (2012)
2-Moghadasi J "A New Perturbed Hard - Sphere Equation of State Based on Semiempirical Approach " 12th Iranian Physical Chemistry Seminar (2009)
3-Moghadasi J "the calculation of thermodynamic properties from song and mason equation of state " proceeding of the 11th iranian physical chemistry seminar (2008)
4-Moghadasi J "transport properties of CO2-Nobel gas mixtures " ninth iranian physical chemistry seminar (2006)
5-Moghadasi J "assessment of the effect of mixing rules on predicting the viscosity and the thermal conductivity of some binary and ternary refrigerant mixtures " eighth iranian physical chemistry seminar (2005)


Courses Taught
Biophysical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry1
Basic General Chemistry
Advanced Physical Chemistry
Recent Topics in Physical Chemistry
Statistical Thermodynamics
Chemical Thermodynamics (PhD)
Recent Topics in Physical Chemistry
Advanced Thermodynamic

Graduate Thesis Advisor (16)
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Graduate Thesis Advisor (25)
Omid Bazipour Thermodynamic properties of refrigerant mixtures and ionic liquid mixtures: Prediction and measurement
Sayed mostafa Hosseini Prediction of Thermodynamic Properties of Various Fluids in Wide Ranges of Temperature and Pressure: Normal Fluids, Ionic Liquids, Molten Metals and Liquid polymers
Fatemeh Fadaei nobandegani Study of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of various mixtures including: normal fluids, refrigerants, and ionic liquids: Measurement and Prediction
Fatemeh Mojahedi Jahromi Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Confined Fluids in the Grand Canonical ensemble and MD simulation with Weak Coupling to Heat and Material Baths
Fakhri Yousefi Study of thermophysical Properties of Natural gases, CO۲-Nobel gases, Refrigerants and Carbon Nanotubes- based fluid
Farkhondeh Mozaffari Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanoconfined Fluids, Potassium, and Diffusion of Gases in Polystyrene and Equation of State for Alkali Metal Alloys and Mercury
Delara Mohammab Aghaie Predicting Gas Transport Coefficients of Pure and Mixture of Light Hydrocarbons, Halogenated Methane, Ethane and Alternative Refrigerant Mixtures and Assessment of the Effect of Mixing Rules on Transport Properties of Gas Mixtures
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Seyede Maryam Mortazavi A Theoretical Investigation on the Potential Enegy Surface, Kinetics and Mechanism of H۲S ‏+ O۳ Reaction& A Theoretical Study on the Dynamics of the C۲H۴+ S Reaction on an Interpolated Potential Energy Surface
Zahra Homayoon Kinetics and Dynamics of Methanol Oxidation
Fatemeh Pirhadi Multichannel RRKM-TST and Direct-Dynamics VTST Study & Dynamic Study on an Interpolated Potential Energy Surface of the Reaction of Amidogen with Hydroxyle Radical
Multichannel RRKM-TST and Direct-Dynamics VTST Study of the Reaction of Furan with Hydroxyl and Methyl Radicals
Fatemeh Sabzi Sarvestani Equation of state, sorption phenomena and compatibility of polymers by using Flory-Huggins theory and dissipative particle dynamics (DPD)
Theoretical Study on the Kinetics of Unimolecular Reaction of ۱,۲-Dichloroethane and Bimolecular Reaction H + HOO , Synthesis and characterization of Silicon Carbide Nanosturctures
Equations of State for Liquid Metals and Refrigerants
An Analytical Equation of State Applied to Pure Refrigerants and Refrigerant MixturesA Modified Perturbed Hard-Sphere-Chain Equation of State for Refrigerant MixturesThermodynamic Properties of Refrigerants Using GMA Equation of State
Theoretical Evaluation of Equilibrium Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Alkali Metals Using Characteristics Interatomic Potential Functions
Thermodynamics of Mercury and Liquid Alkali Metals by Potential and Pseudopotential Approaches
Zahra Norouzian Determination of mixture refrigerant Density by modified Tao & Mason Equation of state
Farideh Pahlavan Modification of Tao- Mason Equation of State for Low Temperatures
Sayed mostafa Hosseini Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids from New Perturbed Hard- Sphere Equation of State
Effect of additives on Gas Hydrate phase boundaries
Sorption Mechanism In Organic Soloutions Of Uncharged Polymers
Calculation of Interaction Potential and Transport Properties of some pure and Binary Mixtures of Gaseous Systems from the Extended Law of Corresponding States at Low Density by the Inversion Method.
Thermodynamic properties of alkali metals from Ism equation of state
Calculation of unlike pair Interaction potential energy from the Law of Corresponding States of viscosity and Semi-Empirical prediction of Dilute Transport Properties of Ne + H۲ Gas Mixture
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Maryam Shahamat Effects of heterogeneous catalysts on gas phase reaction of some light organic compounds
Thermodynamic properties of fluid D۲O using GMA equation of state Application of ISM EOS for polymer melts (polystyrene)
Fatemeh Fadaee Nobandegani Detection and Evaluation of Hydrogen bond strength in nucleic acid base pairs
Experimental Study of the Viscosity of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Incorporating the imidazolium Cation
Application of the ISM equation of state for refrigerant ternary mixtures and for poly (o-methyl styrene) (PoMS)
: Experimental study of surface properties of imidazolium based ionic liquids
reaction from furan by hydroxyl radical Theoretical studies on the hydrogen abstraction
Calculation of Interaction Potential from the Extended Law of Corresponding States andSemi-Empirical Calculation of the Transport Properties of He-Ar , He-Kr and He-XeGaseous Mixtures at Low Density by the Inversion Method
The ISM Equation of State Applied to Refrigerants
Calculation of Interaction Potential from the Extended Law of Corresponding States and Semi-Empirical Calculation of the TransportProperties of Ar-H۲ and Ar-F۲ gaseous Mixtures and Pure F۲ Density by the Inversion Methodat Low
A Theoretical Study On The Kinetics Of Hydrogen Abstraction Reaction Of Hydroxyl Radical With Hydrogen Sulfide And Ozonolysis Of Ethylene