First Name : Dariush
Last Name : Mohajer
Date of Birth : 1939
Marrital Status : Married
Last Academic Degree : Ph.D
Date of Employment : 1965
Academic Rank : Professor
Department : Chemistry
College : College of Sciences
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Email : dmohajer@susc.ac.ir

Published Papers in Academic Journals
1- Mohajer D (1390) "Water increases rates of epoxidation byMn(III)porphyrins/imidazole/IO4 " Dalton Trans., 40:8695-8700
2- Safavi A, Mohajer D (0) "Kinetic study and UV-vis spectra of 1:2 complexation of free base para- substituted meso-tetraphenylporphyrins with trimethylsilyl chloride " Int. J. Chem. Kinetics, . 39 (4):231-0
3- Mohajer D (0) "A UV?vis spectroscopic study of 1:2 adduct formation... " Spectrochimica Acta Part A 69:998-0
4- Safavi A, Movahedi Z, Mohajer D, Maleki M (0) "Dramatic Effects of Ionic Liquid on Platinum Electrode Surface " Electroanalysis 12:1227-0
5- Mohajer D (0) "Co-catalytic effects of nitrogen donors on the epoxidation " 272:191-0

Courses Taught
Inorganic Chemistry2
Inorganic Spectroscopy
Recent Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Special Subjects in Inorganic Chemistry
PhD Thesis
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry –PhD
Special Topic in Inorganic Chemistry- PhD
Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Recent Topics in Inorganic Chemistry- PhD

Graduate Thesis Advisor (21)
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Graduate Thesis Advisor (22)
Kamran Rafe Kinetic Study of Formation of Manganese(V)(Acetato)(Oxo)(Tetrakispentafluorophenylporphyrinato)
Maryam Jahanbani
study of catalytic epoxidation of cyclooctene by tetra-n-butylammonium periodate in the presence of managnese prophyrins and donors in various ch۲cl۲/h۲o solvent mixtures
UV-vis Spectroscopy, Kinetics, and Electrochemistry of ۱:۲ Adduc Formation of Tetraarylporphyrins with Acceptors and Ionic Liquid Effects on Tetraphenylporphyrins Electrochemistry
Co-catalytic Effects of Nitrogen Donors on the Epoxidation of Alkenes with Tetra-n-butylammonium Hydrogen Monopersulfate in the Presence of Manganese(III) and Iron(III)-Tetraarylporphyrins
Catalytic epoxidation of alkenes with n-tetrabutylammonium monopersulfate in the presence of manganese(III) porphyrins as catalysts and imidazole or n-tetrabutylammonium salts as co-catalysts
عبدالرضا رضائي فرد Biomimetic Oxidation of Hydrocarbons and Organosulfur Compounds with Tetrabutylammonium Peroxymonosulfate Catalyzed by Mn-Porphyrins in the Presence of Imidazole
Reactivity studies of biomimetic catalytic epoxidation of alkenes with tetrabutylammonium periodate in the presence of various manganese porphyrins and nitrogen donors: significant axial ligand ?-bondings effects
Part I: ۱:۲ Molecular Complexation of Free Base meso-Tetraphenyl-porphyrins with Trialkylsilyl Chlorides and BF۳ Part II: Tetra-sulfonatophenylporphyrinatocobalt(II) Derivatives as Chain Transfer Catalyst in Radical Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Marzieh Dadkhah aseman Synthesis and Investigation of New Organoplatinum Complexes and Kinetic Isotope Effect in Organoplatinum(II) Oxidative Addition Reactions
Hajar Sepehrpour New Biphosphine Organoplatinum(II) Complexes and Study of Oxidative Addition in Ionic Liquid Media
Mohsen Golbon Haghighi Part A: Organoplatinum(II) Complexes with Bridging bis(Diphenylphosphino)ethane or Monodentate Benzo[h]quinolyl LigandsB: Kinetic and mechanistic study of ligand substitution involving organoplatinum (II) complexes
Hamidreza Shahsavari Study of Fundamental Organometallic Reactions
Hamid Reza Samouei
Sepideh Habibzadeh Part A: Diplatinum Complexes Containing Unsaturated Carbon Ligating Atoms Part B: Study of Secondary Kinetic Deuterium Isotope Effects in the Reaction of Diimine-dimethylplatinum(II) Complexes with Alkyl Halides
Binuclear dimethylplatinum (II) complexes each containing monodentate phosphine ligands and a bridging diphosphine ligand X(PPh۲)۲, X=CH۲ or NH.
Organoplatinum Complexes With Bidentate Phosphorus Ligands
Binuclear Organoplatinum and Organopalladium Complexes Containing
PART I Synthesis, Characterization, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Some Cobalt and Tin Complexes with Tetradentate Ligands PART II Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry of Curcuminoids and Novel Vanadium(IV) Complexes
Roya Karimian kakolaki Epoxidation of Olefins by Urea Hydrogen Peroxide in the Presence of Metalloporphyrins Catalysts and Imidazoles
Sahebeh Nikahd Styrenes Epoxidation by MnTPP(OAc) and MnTPFPP(OAc) as Catalysts, Pyridines and its Derivatives as Axial Ligands and Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidizing Agent
Ladan Etemad A Study of ۱:۲ Molecular Complex Formation of Some Meso-Tetraaryl Porphyrins with Lewis Acids
Kamran Rafe Epoxidation of Alkenes catalyzed by some metallo-porphyrins with Nitrogen-polymers as an axial ligand
Tahere Taghipour An Investigation of Mn=O Species Formation by Manganese Porphyrins/Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide/Imidazole or ۲,۶-Dimethyl Pyridine in Methanol
Saeide Homayoon nia A UV-Vis study of formation of Mn=O species by manganes(III) porphyrins/n-Bu۴NIO۴/imidazole system in CH۲Cl۲/ROH solvents.
Zahra Monfaredian sarvestany Co-catalytic Effects of Nitrogen Bases on the Epoxidation of Cyclooctene and Styrene with Tetra-n-butylammonium Hydrogen monopersulfate in the Presence of Some Manganese(III) and Iron(III) Tetraarylporphyrins
۱:۲ Molecular Complexation of meso-tetraarylporphyrins, H۲TPP and H۲TMP with NO۲BF۴ and NOBF۴
Effects of Nitrogenous and Anionic Axial Ligands upon Epoxidation of cis-Stilbene by Mn(TPP)OAc/Periodate Catalytic Systems.
Preparation and Spectroscopic Characterization of ۱:۲ Molecular Complexes of some Meso-tetraalkyl and Meso-tetraarylporphyrins with PhSnCl۳
Student FullName Subject Defense Year
Narges Arabli An investigation of Mn-Oxo species formation by Manganese tetrakise-۴-methoxyphenylporphyrin acetate in the presence of some nitrogen donors as axial ligand & Oxone
Maryam Moradi A Study of the Epoxidation of Olefins by Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide in the Presence of Mn(TPFPP)OAc Catalyst with Pyridines.
Sepideh Zare Olefins Epoxidation by Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide in the Presence of Mn[T(۴-OMe)PP](OAC) and Pyridines in Methanol/Dichloromethane
Soodeh Bahmani kashkouli An Investigation of Mn=O Species Formation by Two Manganese(III) Porphyrin Complexes in The Presence of Various Anions and Some Nitrogen Donors as Axial Ligands and Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidizing Agent
Najmeh Mohammadi The Study of Manganese-Oxo Species Formation by Manganese Tetrakis-۴-Methoxyphenyl Porphyrin Acetate in the Presence of Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide and Some Nitrogen Donors and Anions in Methanol
Razieh Azimpanah The UV-VIS Study of Mn-Oxo Species Formation by Manganese (III) Tetraphenyl Porphyrin Acetate In The Presence Of Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide, Halides and Some Nitrogen Donors
Fatemeh Raoof Binuclear Cyclometalated OrganoPlatinum (II) Complexes
Synthesis, Characterization and Kinetic Study of Arylplatinum Complexes Containing PN Ligand
Leila Mahmoudi Secondary Kinetic Deuterium Isotope Effect in the Reaction of RI (R=Me,CD۳) with Organoplatinum(II) Complexes
Oxidative Addition of Methyl Iodide to a Diaryl (۴,۴?-di-tert-Butyl-۲,۲?-Bipyridine) Platinum(II) Complex
Synthesis, Characterization and Thermodynamic Study of Cobalt (III) Schiff Base Complexes with P(n-Bu)۳